General Information

Justlo is a community where you can chat, flirt and have fun. With us you can meet likeable people. No matter if you just want to meet nice people or are looking for a partner for life.

Justlo is completely free of charge. You can either register for free via the web version or via our app. Some functions can only be used in exchange for coins. Coins put the virtual currency on Justlo. These can be purchased through the shop or collected free of charge. You can find out how to get access to them by contacting the support via the app or web version.

The Justlo application is currently only available for Android devices. However, our product development team is currently working on the release of an iOS version. The information will be communicated later.

For Android smartphones and tablets, the Justlo application is available from OS 4 or higher.
Find more information here: here .

If you don’t have a compatible version in your smartphone, you can use Justlo with your browser. Visit

Yes, you have the possibility to register on You can then log in to the Justlo App with the user data you created there.
If you have previously registered via the Justlo App, you can simply log in on with your existing user data.span>

Registration and Login

There are two ways to register for

The first way is to register using your email address.

You also have the option to register on Justlo via your Facebook account.
You will then simply use your Facebook data to log in to Justlo.

Once you’ve found our app, download it for free on your smartphone or tablet. Just know that we currently only have the Android version. The iOS version is still under development.

Open the Justlo application on your smartphone or tablet. You will automatically be directed to the home page, where you can choose between two options:“register“ and „log in“. Click on „register“.
You can now register with your email address or through your Facebook account.

If you prefer to register via Facebook, log in with your Facebook data.

If you want to log in with your email address, enter your email address and password. Repeat the selected password and press Continue.

You will then be asked to enter your desired username, date of birth and gender. Once this is done, click Continue again.

On the last page you will be asked to enter your country and postcode. You also have the possibility to upload a picture here. However, you can do this later. Now click on Complete registration and you will receive an e-mail from us in which you must verify your e-mail address.

You can then log in with your username and password.

It is important that you confirm your email address after registering with Justlo. Otherwise you cannot log in with your selected data.

You do this by opening the e-mail sent by us via your e-mail inbox. If you have not received an email, please check your spam mailbox.

Please open the link we sent you to complete your registration.
Your e-mail address is then confirmed and verified.

If you have lost or forgotten your password, you can reset it using this link. ici.
A new password will be sent to your e-mail address.

Please make sure that you enter your username and password correctly. Pay attention to upper and lower case! Also make sure that you have not pressed the shift key.
If this is not the case, your profile has been blocked. This can happen if you broke the rules on Justlo. For more information, please contact support at

Profile of Justlo

If you want to upload an image to, do so after logging in via the „My Profile“ tab. There you will find a red button with the inscription: Edit profile. Then select the category „My Pictures“. There you have the possibility to select a picture and upload it afterwards.

Make sure that the image is in JPG/JPEG format and does not exceed a file size of 8 MB.
You have the possibility to adjust and save your pictures in the correct format using an image editing program such as Paint.

This is the case if the image has violated our rules and policies.
Examples are half faces, group pictures, a picture that is too small and a picture that does not show anything, etc.

In rare cases it happens that the picture was not completely transmitted to our server. In this case, you should upload the image again.

We do not tolerate pornographic, political or violent images.
Your face must be visible and easily recognisable.
We expressly do not tolerate pictures of other people, e.g. actors, etc.
It must not be drawings, distorted pictures or comics.
There must not be any logos, internet addresses, e-mail addresses or advertisements on your picture.

We do not tolerate texts that contain pornographic, political or violence glorifying texts. Your text must not contain Internet addresses, e-mail addresses or advertising. For data protection reasons, private contact data in the profile text will also be removed.

In the web version of Justlo, you can delete your profile using this link. Link
In the Justlo App, simply go to Settings in the menu bar and select Delete Account.

Features of Justlo

In case of nuisance or other concerns regarding a particular profile, please report it to the support by clicking on the „Report Profile“ button. If you also have doubts about a profile with external images or data, you can report it to the support by clicking on the „Report Profile“ button.

Note : The user doesn’t know you reported it. It is expressly stated that the user is not contacted, but only the support service.

To delete a chat history, go to your message mailbox and hover your mouse over the profile picture of the contact whose history you want to delete.

An icon will appear showing a trash can. Click on it and delete your entire history.

You can reach „Match“ under the category „Match“ or by selecting Match in the category „Entertainment“. Note: To use Match, a profile picture must be uploaded or a picture marked as the main picture.

According to the random principle, profiles are xXxjustacode334455xXx displayed here, where you can decide whether you like the respective user or not.

If the user has also clicked you, his profile will appear under Contacts in the category „Match“.

Note: This category is only displayed if you have a „Match“.

Confirm your friendship via the web version under News. Click on your conversation and confirm your friendship.

Are you using the Justlo application? You can manage your friendships under „Notifications“ and „News“.

To deactivate e-mail notifications, first log in to Then go to Settings and click on „Internal Messages“. Remove the check mark and do not receive any further messages via the e-mail inbox from now on.

A total of six coins is deducted for a 300-digit message.
Note: From 301 digits it’s 12 coins!


Next to the category "Shop" on the menu bar is a green circle, which contains the number of coins you currently have.

Justlo offers several ways to get free coins. Most free coins are available as promotional codes. However, as already mentioned, we are working on a program for our users, with weekly promotions. You will be automatically informed of any changes in this regard in the future.

Go to Settings (icon with gears) and click on „Voucher“. A window will open in which you can redeem your voucher code.

Check the following points:

  1. Validity of the voucher code. These are always valid until 23.59h on the day of publication. Except for our weekly Instagram voucher code, which is valid for one week.
  2. Check the correct spelling of letters and digits.
  3. Make sure you enter the capture code completely and correctly.

You can always purchase coins quickly and easily through our site. Go to our shop at: and choose one of the following options.

Note: Please note that the receipt of the payment can take 1-3 days.

Hint: The fastest way to buy is a Paysafecard.

Other questions

If you have any further questions, please contact our support team via app/ web version or by e-mail to